Three Design Trends for 2018 and Beyond

Now 2018 has officially begun, let’s take a look at some notable design trends set to take the industry by storm!

1. Experiential Luxury

2018 will see the next generation of hospitality provide their customers with exclusive and unique experiential journeys. Hotels are now designing club-like spaces, allowing them to appeal to a vast array of lifestyle categories and welcome people to visit their property based on brand affiliation. Personalisation will be even more prominent in hotels this year. Having personalised connectivity available to guests before, during and after their hotel experience increases customer loyalty, and engages their guests throughout their whole stay.  

2. Next-Gen F&B in the Wine Country 

The traditional wine country architecture and layout is now seen to be boring, uninspired and archaic. Architects designing modern wineries, are creating lounge and workshop areas that are interactive platforms - spaces where guests can be entertained, engaged and can interact with one another and the winery staff. The new design focuses less on the tasting room and more on the grape-to-glass experience.  

3. Branded Residential

Branded real estate has experienced rapid growth in the past three years. These developments combine all the best aspects of resort and residential living and integrate this space into the natural surrounding - thus creating a beautifully authentic experience for various guests. Nowadays, guests appreciate authenticity; people want to feel as though they belong to a community or place. 

A main concern for many homeowners is still sustainability. Custom home designers are expected to create a beautiful home that reduces the homeowner’s carbon footprint. There also appears to be increase in the demand for a transitional indoor/outdoor space in custom homes; nature is dominating every aspect of design at present. 

Reclaimed wood panel installations, exposed concrete flooring, biophilic architectural elements and the incorporation of natural flora patterns in fabrics and artwork are all becoming more of a common feature in hotel design, and expect to see plenty more of it in 2018!