Marriott International: Have They Designed the Hotel Room of the Future?

Marriott International has joined voices with industry heavyweights Samsung and Legrand and are finalising their design of the hotel room of tomorrow. The room has been fitted with a plethora of advanced technology, so each guest can personalise their stay. 

Creating a more efficient and sustainable hotel room which enhances the guest experience is exactly what the Internet of Things (IOT) Guestroom aims to provide.  

Each guest will receive a service which is catered to them; this is due to the “smart” room allowing multiple responsive IOT systems - voice-activated room controls and intuitive lighting - and mobile devices to communicate with one another, which will optimise hotel operations.  

Stephanie Linnartz, global chief commercial officer at Marriott International has commented on their new “smart” hotel room, she said: “Guests like to personalise almost everything in their lives, so we believe their hotel experience shouldn’t be exempt from this idea,

“Whether our guests want to create the ultimate relaxation environment or want one that facilitates greater productivity for business travellers; we are utilising the best of mobile and voice technology to give our guests the ability to create a room that perfectly meets their needs.”

The gadgetry within the IOT Guestroom allows guests to tap into a multitude of different functions. Guests can request additional housekeeping services, can start a yoga routine on a full-length mirror, and can even start their shower at their preferred temperature and have this information stored in their customer profile - all these functions can be controlled by voice or app. 

It’s not just the guests that will benefit from these new technological systems; they will also aid hotel operations and improve personalised service by helping staff provide services at the time their guests have requested. 

Marriott, Samsung and Legrand will analyse feedback of their IOT Guestroom over a three-month testing period and will continue to adapt the IOT technology. 

If all goes to plan, the owners of the Marriott believe their hotel users will start to see some of this new technology in their hotel rooms within the next five years.