Treetop Hotel Leading Design Innovation

A unique treetop hotel resort concept, Living the Till, was named as the 2017 Grand Prize Winner at the Radical Innovation contest in New York last month.

The annual awards - hosted by global hospitality development consultancy the John Hardy Group since 2007 - sees some of the most innovative designers and architects from across the globe submit their visions for the hotel of the future.

After the three finalists are flown to New York having been selected by the Radical Innovation judging panel, the nominees present to an audience consisting of hotel developers, owners, executives and designers.

More than 60 entries were made this year, with Living the Till claiming the top prize of $10,000 to go towards further development of the concept, and runner-up, Play Design Hotel, receiving $5,000.

With the future of the hotel industry clearly shifting towards sustainable designs that are friendly on the environment, here’s a closer look at the finalists that battled it out to be named 2017 Grand Prize Winner:

Winner - Living the Till

In this treetop hotel resort concept, the resort would hover 30 feet above the forest floor thanks to a mesh platform supported by a network of cables; installed by a team of climbers. There would be only minor impact on the environment as a result of the resort’s verticality, while the concept would also encourage a sustainable lifestyle.

Runner-Up - Play Design Hotel

An inhabitable design gallery that acts as both an incubator and living lab for local designers. The concept centres around its ability to connect local designers to international travelers, who are then connected to the culture of the company they are in through design. The interior fittings, fixtures and furnishings would be sourced from local brands with cultural significance.

3rd Place Finalist - Vertical Micro-Climate

A mountain-top resort concept near the southern tip of Vancouver Island, Canada, this resort would source all its power from natural thermal and solar technology; providing a year-round indoor and outdoor tropically-inspired environment for its guests. The resort’s grounds would be naturally brightened by concave-shaped towers that redirect light downward.

Image Source:CNN