P-Wave is the market leader in Fragranced products for the washroom and other areas around your building. Our Urinal Screens are the best , last a full 30 days, have wonderful fragrances and an enzyme to control the bad smells. And with Curve, Clip & Easy Fresh Fan it makes it all Smellylitious!

P-Wave is the Premier Fragranced range of products designed to make your washrooms, lobbies and all other areas smell fantastic. The Urinal & Trough Screens last 30 days, prevent most splashback, stop blockages and help control the bad smells. But we're more than about the Urinals, the patented range have so much fragrance as well as the Unique Easy Fresh Fan, the Curve, Bowl Clips, Door Fresh, you will surely find the answer to making your customers or work colleagues love to be at your location! We're sure you will have seen us somewhere but now is the chance to come see what all the fuss is about ! P-Wave, we're all about the fragrance!
Come play our Urinal Frisbee game at Stand 9186!!


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Stand Number: 9186