Mosswall UK Ltd

MOSSwall UK Ltd, the Exclusive UK Distributor for the original, zero maintenance MOSSwall(R) system. MOSSwall(R) is a beautiful surface finish which is also Class 0 Fire Rated, acoustically certified and carries Phytosanitary certification; making it the ideal accompaniment for restaurants and bars

MOSSwall UK Ltd is the Exclusive UK Distributor for the original and authentic preserved moss system called MOSSwall(R). The system was created and manufactured by Verde Profilo, a Milanese company whom pride themselves on providing system solutions.

MOSSwall(R) is made from 100% natural moss that is preserved after being handpicked, it is then treated with an anti-static solution that prevents dust from settling. The end result? An entirely maintenance-free wall or ceiling finish. MOSSwall(R) retains its fresh and spongy texture by utilising the relative humidity within a space; providing this is 40% or more MOSSwall(R) will neither grow nor degrade, it just sits there looking amazing and but importantly serves a practical purpose.

Due to its composition the moss was thought to have acoustic properties that could assist with sound control. The system underwent acoustic testing at the CSI Italian Institute, the result is certification that proves sound absorbency to 40% which in real terms, is powerful enough to take the edge off high levels of reverberation but not so high as to create a "Library" effect.

Grown under sustainable conditions the natural colour of moss is white. However, by using food dye we are able to provide a palette of 22 colours and tones that can be used singularly or combined for design or branding purposes.

MOSSwall(R) is a patented system that comprises of 3 panel types. All of which measure 60 x 40cm but each having their own distinct purpose, like flexiMOSS. This panel type can be used in a myriad of ways and allows for bespoke shapes and angles.
The other two are essentially, galvanised steel trays which hold the moss in place using a non-toxic glue. One type is solid, the other made up from a series of squares, allowing for rows or columns to be separated and used in a modular form.

MOSSwall(R) engages users in a sensory manner, through sight, touch, feel and sound, it is a memorable addition to internal space and one that can be entirely standard or entirely bespoke.

As Exclusive UK Distributor, MOSSwall UK Ltd (R) will assist you by providing a full design and quotation service, that will include colour renders, to fully visualise how your MOSSwall(R) will look when installed.

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